The Ipswich Health Precinct will further contribute to the revitalisation of the Ipswich CBD while also solving a growing health concern for the City of Ipswich.

With many bricks-and-mortar retailers struggling against international brands and the online shopping phenomenon, Ipswich City Council has taken significant action to bring people back into the CBD.

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service is one of the fastest growing health services in Queensland. It is expected to grow even further, up to 45 per cent, over the next decade. The current hospital as it stands will not be able to sustain this growth rate.

In order to inject life back into the CBD and a unique opportunity for workers and businesses, Council has initiated the first stages of the Ipswich City Health Precinct plan.

This plan highlights the importance of health to the region’s economy with a strong healthcare system helping to attract and maintain business and industry growth, attract and retain retirees, and create jobs in the local area.

The current council chambers and library will be sold to Queensland Health in order to expand the hospital. This important expansion will see an estimated increase of 2,000-2,500, with the move expected to be completed by 2020.

The city’s largest hotel, adjacent to council’s buildings, will be turned into a 99-bed aged care facility with other allied health providers expected to follow.

This exciting growth will have many economic ripple effects including the contribution to significantly increased foot traffic for Ipswich Central shop owners and tenants with health workers and visitors who will spend money on meals, entertainment and miscellaneous items.

One in seven workers in Ipswich is in healthcare. That is 14 per cent and represents the city’s biggest economic sector.

Council wants this healthcare sector to be focussed on the city centre, rather than moving to some of the ever expanding suburbs, in order to keep the massive workforce in this location.

Taking this action will ensure that other health services, such as dentists and podiatrists; x-ray and blood test facilities will also be located close to the main health action.

This is a tremendous and rare opportunity for Ipswich Central retailers. To keep up to date with Ipswich Central developments, subscribe to our newsletter here. 

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