Nicholas St is being transformed into a vibrant, welcoming, modern city centre.

For the first time in 30 years, we have an exciting opportunity to reshape the city’s future and redesign the heart of Ipswich into a thriving central entertainment district.

Stretching across eight hectares from Bremer Street in the north to Brisbane Street in the south, east to Bell Street and west to Ellenborough Street, the new Ipswich Central will be a dynamic hub for shopping, entertainment, dining and fun!

The fresh new Nicholas St will connect and inspire our community with a focus on new business opportunities, eco-friendly amenities and people-friendly public spaces.

Ipswich will boast a city centre where locals and visitors want to work, live and play.

The multi-million re-development of Nicholas St is well underway. Once demolition work is complete, work will focus on Nicholas Street and Union Place, completing the renovation and restoration of Murphy’s Pub, and construction of a pedestrian bridge and carpark. Simultaneously, work on Stage 1 of the new library and Ipswich City Council building will also get underway.